How To Buy A Home The Right Way

Buying a home is an exciting time of life! Your buying experience should be enjoyable and memorable--truly a dream come true.

Donna's decades of experience in real estate will guide you through all the in's and out's you need to know to make sure buying your new home is a smooth and successful experience from start to finish.

Donna provides equal, professional service to all of her clients and customers.

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"It's important to be aware of your credit during the process of buying a home. The best approach is to hold steady and maintain your current credit profile. In other words, don't open any new credit cards, don't close existing credit lines, and don't take out any new loans."

Donna Littlefield

Step 1

Figuring Out Your Monthly Budget

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The first step in buying a home is to calculate how much house you can afford.

As your buyer's agent, Donna walks you through every item you need to consider when determining your price range for house shopping. She uses her decades of experience to give you insights into the best financing options, as well as how to maximize your buying power.

The most important part of this process is becoming pre-qualified for a mortage. Donna has all the resources you need at her fingertips, including in-house banking to make it convenient for you to obtain your prequalification letter.

Step 2

Deciding Where You Want To Live

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The second step in buying a home is choosing where you want to live.

What's important to you when it comes to where you're going to live? Is it the school district? Proximity to shopping? Easy access to highways? Type of neighborhood?

Taking the time to figure out what your priorities are first will help you narrow down your search and save you a lot of time in the long run.

As a lifetime resident of Western New York, Donna's extensive knowledge of the area allows her to find the best homes that meet your criteria.

Step 3

Researching and Viewing Homes


The third step in buying a home is researching homes for sale, then going to visit the homes you're interested in.

Navigating the market of available homes for sale can be overwhelming on your own. Each neighborhood, school district, and even style of home has pluses and minuses that you should be aware of before deciding to purchase.

As your agent, Donna helps you through the entire process, from picking out homes that best match your buying criteria, to advising you specific things to look out for when viewing the home in person.

Donna also offers a wide range of concierge services, from real estate attorneys to home inspectors, to help make your buying process as smooth as possible.

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